Non customized stock pouches are packaging pouches available instantly to be purchased. These pouches are great for startups and companies which require a small quantity of a particular size, color or type of the highest quality.

The initial cost of getting your packaging designed and MOQ of custom printed packaging can be high and this is where our stock pouches come in handy. A beautiful label or sticker can be applied on these.

We have a lot of sizes, colors, styles, zipper/without zipper pouches in stock.

Some of the stock pouches available with us and their application is as follows:

  1. Both sides Transparent Pouch: These are ideal for Food & Beverages Industry, Electronic industry, Pharma Industry, etc.
  2. One side or Both side Colored Pouch: These are ideal when the aesthitics of the packaging is important, e.g. Snack food, Dry fruits, Chocolates, Candy, etc.
  3. Silver Pouch: These pouches have a silver finish on 1 or both sides and are a great alternative to both side transparent pouches.
  4. Kraft Paper Pouch: These pouches are made with high quality kraft paper making the pouch more eco friendly as compared to regular pouches.

These applications are not confined to a particular industry but has its widespread use all over the things that need to be packed